Your Own International Trust

If I told you that quantum mechanics is really quite simple and that you can gain a solid understanding of the science in just 12 minutes, you would be right not to believe me. But not every topic with a reputation for mystery and complexity deserves it.

In the world of financial planning, offshore trusts (or international trusts) often get set aside as being just too complicated and esoteric for most investors to touch. And even if an investor wants the safety and long-term tax benefits available only offshore, he’s likely to be invited to just hand the matter over to a specialist attorney, close his eyes and sign the papers — and not expect to really understand what’s going on.

But in fact, as with so many topics, international trusts are easy to understand if you consider the elements in the right order, one after the other, as though you were following a string — rather than hopping around an unfamiliar landscape. And you can do it in just 12 minutes of reading time.

To get an uncomplicated telling of the story of international trusts in just 12 minutes, continue with…

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