A Steady Companion

A Model Offshore Trust coordinates well with other financial planning devices — and often can increase their effectiveness. It derives that readiness from three sources.

  • The Trust can hold any type of investment.
  • The Trustee can confer benefits indirectly.
  • The Trustee is authorized, with the advice of the Protector, to establish rights and preferences for particular groups of Beneficiaries.

If you have a managed investment account or a foreign bank account, you can transfer it to your Trust without disturbing its current management.

If you have, or intend to have, a family limited liability company, your Trust can own it while you continue to manage it. Or a new, foreign LLC owned by the Trust can own the domestic LLC you have now.

If you own a family business corporation, your Trust can hold some or all of the stock.

If you have a living trust, you can continue to enjoy the advantages it offers and also have the asset protection advantages of an Offshore Trust. See Your Living Trust .

If your estate plan calls for A-B trusts (also called a “credit-shelter trust” and a “marital deduction” or “QTIP” trust), your Offshore Trust can serve as both.

If your will calls for property to be held in trust for your heirs, your Offshore Trust may be the ideal vehicle to receive that property.

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