Asset Seizures

Even worse than a lawsuit is getting caught up in a government seizure program.

The IRS and other government agencies have the legal authority to seize your assets on a mere suspicion of wrongful activity. An anonymous telephone call about you or an ambitious or hostile bureaucrat is all it takes.

You don’t get a hearing, you don’t get an opportunity to appear in court — and you don’t get a warning. Government employees are authorized to treat you as “guilty until proven innocent” and to dare you to sue the government to recover your property.

The wealth you transfer to a Model Offshore Trust is beyond the reach of arbitrary seizures because your Trustee is subject to the laws of the country where it is located — not to U.S laws. Your interest as a Beneficiary is safe because the Trust is discretionary — you don’t own a fixed percentage share that you could be compelled to assign to someone else.

And because the Trust Fund is safe, you can call upon it for legal expenses if you ever need to resist a seizure of assets not in the Trust.

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