Assets You Can Protect
With an International Trust

Your international trust can protect almost any kind of asset – cash, stocks, bonds, precious metals, foreign currencies, even real estate and business assets.

  • Transferring cash and securities to your trust is easy. For cash, simply write a check. For stocks or bonds, mail the certificates to the Trustee or instruct your broker to make the delivery.
  • If you own stock in a private corporation, you can protect your shares by transferring them to your trust.[1]
  • To protect real estate, you’ll probably need to use a limited liability company. First, transfer the real estate to a limited liability company formed under the laws of your own state. You’ll be the LLC’s Manager and keep direct management responsibility for the property. But your trust will be the LLC’s owner.
  • You can transfer the value of an unincorporated business to your off shore trust in the same way, by using a limited liability company.

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[1] You should not transfer shares in a sub-chapter S corporation to an international trust. Doing so might disqualify the corporation from the favorable tax treatment available under sub-chapter S. However, there are special strategies for using an international trust to protect the value of a sub-chapter S corporation.