The Right Path
To An International Trust


If you want to lawfully…

  • Lock out lawsuit predators and arbitrary seizures
  • Gain greater financial privacy
  • Permanently remove family wealth from the U.S. tax system
  • Avoid future restrictions on owning gold or foreign investments
  • Protect yourself and your family from Washington’s next big idea, whatever it might be…

…the quickest, least expensive and easiest way to get there is with Passport Financial’s International Trust Kit.

The Ready Solution

The Passport Financial Kit gives you all the information and all the documents you need, including a ready-to-use trust instrument that follows the Model Offshore Trust. That could save you months of delay.  The trust instrument is ready, right now, for you to review and then use by identifying your Beneficiaries and providing other essential details.

The Kit introduces you to the number-one licensed trust company in the world’s premier jurisdiction for international trusts. Their legal staff have already reviewed and approved the trust instrument you’ll receive, so you won’t have to wait weeks or months while they study the document and decide whether to accept it… or ask for revisions.

We’d never say “Hurry up” about anything as important as an international trust. But if you do feel a sense of urgency, the Kit will enable you to move without delay. Get the Passport Financial Kit now, and your lawful international trust could be up and running in just two weeks.

The Inexpensive Solution

The Kit is the least expensive path to the safety of an international trust because most of the work has already been done. Your trust instrument has already been drafted and includes all the provisions of the Model Offshore Trust you’ve been reading about.

And the Kit comes with:

  • A tax opinion from a tax attorney in the U.S.
  • A legal opinion from an attorney in the jurisdiction where your trust would be administered
  • A memorandum from a U.S. tax accountant explaining IRS reporting requirements

Because so much of the work has already been done, you won’t need to pay a lawyer to start from scratch — although you may want to hire a few hours of qualified legal time for personalized advice and an independent review of the trust instrument.

Using Passport Financial’s International Trust Kit is so cost efficient that an offshore trust becomes practical for anyone with investment assets of $500,000 or more.

The Easy Solution

The Kit is the easiest way to achieve solid safety because it was constructed for you, not just for lawyers (yes, some lawyers use it for their clients).

The trust instrument that’s the heart of the Kit is a finely tuned legal document, but it was written with you in mind as the reader. We know you’ll want to understand it  thoroughly. So we made the trust instrument concise — just 11 pages long.

And we wrote it in standard English, so there won’t be any puzzles. While it will never live up to the easy-reading standards of People Magazine, it is, for a legal document, remarkably approachable. You won’t have to rely on someone else to tell you what it says.

Your Solution Now

You can purchase the complete Passport Financial Kit now for just $295. It will be delivered to you, at Internet speed, as a 105-page, printer-friendly PDF. And you’ll be entitled, at no additional cost, to a 30-minute telephone consultation with an experienced international trust professional.

The Kit comes with a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

For immediate delivery of the Passport Financial International Trust Kit, CLICK HERE.