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An Invitation From Terry Coxon

I’ve learned from many years of helping investors that most financial plans are patchwork affairs. Even when all the basic questions get answered, the answers usually come out one by one, like strangers who’ve never been introduced.

More often than not, the investor doesn’t really have a plan, he has many plans — a sure sign that valuable opportunities for more tax savings and greater safety are being overlooked. Those opportunities are like “free money” just waiting to be picked up… if only the investor will notice them.

Just One Plan

What is needed, and what few investors have, is a “uniplan” — a single, coherent plan that reconciles and serves all their purposes, so that any step taken for one goal supports all the other objectives. A single design that pulls everything together without short-changing anything. One sturdy house, not a field of scattered tent poles.

It’s the only way to get the best result. Without it, you’re sure to be leaving money (or something else of value) on the table. But without experienced help, developing a waste-no-opportunity plan can be a daunting task.

So Many Pieces

There are so many elements to coordinate.

  • Protecting your wealth from lawsuit predators
  • Getting assets beyond the reach of all the government agencies that today are armed with arbitrary seizure powers
  • Eliminating the potential for estate tax, so that your heirs won’t have to write a big check to the tax collector
  • Building a shock-proof investment portfolio that will protect your net worth from market surprises
  • Choosing foreign banks, brokers and gold depositories you can count on
  • Building an offshore trust that will be brick wall against any attacker

And that’s not all. The offshore elements need to be coordinated with the assets you can’t or don’t want to move, such as real estate, an IRA or 401-k (your plan should exploit its full tax-saving power) or a family business. And then there are personal factors to consider — including the opportunities and uncertainties of your career or profession and the attitudes and circumstances of family members.

There’s a lot to think about.

But where do you start, and how do you make all the pieces fit together tightly, so that no opportunity for reducing your tax bill or improving your safety slips by?

If the stakes weren’t so high — much lower taxes and much greater safety — you might be tempted to throw up your hands and say “I’ll settle for second-best.” I hope you don’t, because there is a practical method for sorting through all the complexities and arriving at an optimal plan.

The Service

Helping you develop a single, comprehensive plan for all your objectives (usually centered on an international trust) is the specialty of Passport Financial Planning.

It’s a service that begins with a private, one-on-one meeting with the client (usually two hours or so, but whatever it takes). During the meeting I assemble all the pertinent financial information, gain a clear understanding of what’s on the client’s mind and what the client is trying to achieve and learn about all the family members who will be affected by the client’s decisions.

Most of the work gets done during the meeting, although in some cases there are loose ends that need to be tied up in the days that follow. In any event, the result is a clear, step-by-step plan of action that coordinates all of the client’s goals, a plan that is as close to optimal as we know how to make it.

I’ve provided this service for hundreds of investors, business owners and professionals who want to get it right. If you’ve passed the wealth threshold for considering an international trust ($500,000 in investment assets), you’re likely to find that the cost of the service is negligible compared with what it can do to help you save on taxes and escape needless exposure to risk.

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