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Offshore Limited Liability Company$

For many investors an offshore limited liability company is the sweet spot in the spectrum of choices for international financial planning – the best combination of protection, opportunity, simplicity and economy.

Depending on your circumstances, it can be the most cost-efficient efficient structure for escaping the uncomfortable state in which so many people live — a feeling of absolute dependence on fluctuating conditions in their home country and on unpredictable changes in government policy.

The advantages you can achieve by using an offshore LLC to hold investments or operate a business include:

  • Protection from malicious litigation. If you lose a lawsuit, the winner will find it difficult – perhaps a practical impossibility – to tap your offshore LLC to collect on a judgment.
  • Protection from sudden asset seizures. A U.S. government agency will get instant compliance from any U.S. bank or broker regardless of what it is asking for. That arbitrary and unrestrained power ends at the water’s edge.
  • Protection from possible gold confiscation. Some investors shrug off the idea that the government might repeat the forced sale of privately owned gold to the U.S. Treasury that occurred in 1933. Others aren’t so sure. With an offshore LLC, you won’t have to wonder.
  • Protection from future capital controls and investment restrictions. No matter what news rules the U.S. government might adopt, your capital will already be offshore.
  • Gift and estate tax savings.
  • Commercial privacy. Owning a foreign LLC entails IRS reporting requirements that you would be foolish to neglect. However, your LLC can give you strong privacy with respect to actual and potential business competitors. This is often advantageous to owners of copyrights, patents and other intellectual property.

These advantages can mean the difference between enjoying what you have earned or mourning the loss of it. An offshore LLC can hand those advantages to you with a minimum of trouble and expense.

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