Offshore Estate Planning

By taking your estate plan offshore, you can achieve vastly superior results for your family — far better than with stay-at-home planning.

  • A smaller (perhaps zero) bill for estate tax
  • Wealth that can’t be reached by any creditor, litigant or tax collector
  • Tax-free compounding of investment returns, for faster long-term growth in family wealth
  • Ready access to financial markets and institutions around the world
  • Lawful financial privacy
  • A permanent solution

The vehicle for achieving these estate-planning results is a properly structured offshore trust.  (Follow the link below to learn more about offshore trusts.)  You can give your heirs:

Smaller estate tax bill.  An offshore trust is a superior environment for estate planning.  You can use it to execute all the tax-saving strategies you may have heard about, such as exempt transfers, valuation discounts, installment sales and GRATs (Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts).  In addition, you can use an offshore trust to remove property from your taxable estate and still keep it available for your own support if you ever need it.

Protection from creditors.  By locating your trust in the right offshore jurisdiction, you can place family wealth absolutely beyond the reach of any creditor, lawsuit winner or tax collector aiming at the assets you’ve left for your heirs.  Attackers are locked out.

Tax-free compounding.  After your lifetime, your trust completely disconnects from the U.S. tax system. No one in the U.S. will be taxed on income  retained in the trust structure.  Until your heirs need to tap the trust, investment returns can compound and accumulate more rapidly, at a before-tax rate.

Better access.  To avoid entanglement in U.S. rules and regulations, most foreign banks and brokers shun business from U.S. citizens.  After your lifetime, however, your trust disconnects completely from the U.S.  It becomes for all legal purposes a non-American and can receive a warm welcome from international financial institutions.

Financial privacy.  After your lifetime, no one will have any reporting obligations for the trust you established.  It can be lawfully silent and lawfully invisible.  This advantage can only come to your heirs as a gift from you.

Permanent solution.  An offshore trust can be a permanent solution for your family.  The wealth you leave in the trust will never again be part of anyone’s taxable estate.  And by choosing the right offshore jurisdiction, you can make your trust perpetual.

A Practical  Approach

The easiest, quickest and least expensive approach to providing these advantages for your family is to use Passport Financial’s International Trust Kit.

The trust instrument at the heart of the Kit is designed to start protecting your assets from lawsuits and other hazards immediately.  Then you can proceed at your own pace to use your offshore trust to execute a thorough estate plan.

The Kit is comprehensive and complete. It tells you the story of offshore trusts in detail, and it answers all your questions about safeguarding wealth offshore and keeping your trust lawful, proper and non-controversial.

The Kit also contains…

  • All the ready-to-use documents you need to actually establish a lawful offshore trust for yourself and your family
  • A legal opinion from an international law firm that specializes in offshore trusts
  • A memorandum from a CPA explaining the reporting requirements for your offshore trust during your lifetime
  • A tax opinion from a U.S. lawyer who specializes in offshore trusts

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