Maximum Safety
For You and Your Family

Nothing will bring you and your family closer to complete financial safety than a lawful international trust (also known as an offshore asset protection trust or OAPT).

A properly designed, properly managed international trust gives you:

Asset Protection. An international trust ends your exposure to potential future lawsuits. The trust makes it extremely difficult for a lawsuit winner to reach the assets you’ve protected – which comforts you every day while it discourages lawsuit predators from ever making you a target. Asset protection also means you can’t be wiped out through a no-warning seizure by a runaway government agency.

Income Tax Savings Now. Being international, your trust has ready access to legitimate tax-saving opportunities that most U.S. investors miss out on. An international trust opens those opportunities to you, to shrink your tax bill on investment profits.

Income Tax Savings Later. After your lifetime, your trust disconnects from the U.S. tax system. It can invest tax free all around the world – even in the U.S. – for faster compounding and unhindered growth in family wealth.

Estate Planning Advantages. An international trust easily accommodates all the standard estate planning strategies – and then does much more. It eliminates the fear of giving away too much too soon (the number-one barrier to effective estate planning). And, because your trust eventually will disconnect from the U.S. tax system, it solves your family’s estate planning problems once and for all. It won’t be part of the taxable estate of any future generation – ever.

Financial Privacy. An international trust sets up a Zone of Privacy that gives you greater control over who does and who does not have access to the details of your financial life.

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