Finding Offshore Trust Attorneys

Any time you think that maybe you need to talk to a lawyer, you definitely need to talk to a lawyer.  So find the right one.

Although your hometown attorney isn’t likely to know much about offshore trusts, he still can be a good place to start.  There’s an outside chance he knows or knows of a lawyer who specializes in international matters.   And there is an excellent chance that he has a working relationship with a tax specialist who can refer you to an offshore trust attorney.

Your accountant is another place to start.  Accountants, like attorneys, have their own grapevine.  Yours may know someone who knows someone who knows a source of legal guidance in planning for and using an international trust.

If you get a positive response from you lawyer or accountant, give him a high mark for conscientious client service.  Whatever the topic, if it is unfamiliar, many lawyers and accountants want the client to just forget about it.

You also can go to Legal and Accounting Help to find an experienced offshore trust lawyer.

The Most for Your Money

The information available to you at OffshoreResource1 will help you get the most from the one-on-one time you spend with a legal specialist – and reduce the number of hours you need to pay for.

And to cut expenses to the bone, get Passport Financial’s International Trust Kit.  The Kit includes all the read-and-use  documents needed to establish a lawful offshore trust.  It will take the lawyer you consult only an hour or two to review the documents and give you personalized advice.

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