Financial and Investment Control
Of a Model Offshore Trust

You can keep as little or as much control over investment decisions for your Model Offshore Trust as you wish. You also can install tight financial controls.

Dedicated brokerage account. One way to maintain direct, hands-on control of investment decisions is to advise the Trustee to establish an investment account with a brokerage firm of your choice and to authorize the broker to accept your trading instructions. The brokerage firm could be in your own hometown, elsewhere in the U.S or in a foreign financial center, such as Singapore, London or Zurich. (The Trustee would need to confirm that you are an experienced investor.)

LLC. A second way to maintain direct control of investment decisions for your Trust is to place the assets you want to manage and protect in a limited liability company (LLC) that is owned by the Trust. You would be the LLC’s Manager, and as such you would make all investment decisions.

Using an LLC as an investment holding company inside your Trust is also a way to install solid financial controls. You as LLC Manager will have signature authority over all the LLC’s bank and brokerage accounts and always will know where every dollar is.

Separate adviser. If you have hired an adviser to manage your investments (or if you intend to), he can provide that same service directly to your Trust or to its LLC that you manage.

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