Asset Protection Trusts

Properly structured offshore (or international) trusts have long been used by wealthy families to achieve the highest degree of financial safety.

  • Asset protection trusts are located in jurisdictions that strongly disfavor the kind of aggressive, imaginative lawsuits that have become so common in the U.S.
  • Lawsuit predators know they can’t use the U.S. courts to grab the protected assets – since the assets are legally owned by a licensed trust company in a foreign country, where the trustee is beyond the jurisdiction of U.S. courts.
  • The protection is strong – so strong that would-be litigants may become demoralized and give up the idea of suing.
  • Asset protection trusts are a doorway to lawful income tax savings, since they give access to tax-efficient investments that most U.S. investors never hear about.
  • A properly structured offshore trust eliminates the biggest barrier to effective estate planning (greatly reducing estate tax) by allowing the senior generation to move property out of their taxable estate while keeping it readily available for their support.
  • Asset protection trusts are ideal for long-term planning, since they eventually separate from the U.S. tax system – and become a tool for the tax-free build-up of family wealth.

Asset Protection Trusts Needn’t Be Costly

Until just a few years ago, offshore trusts were used primarily by the exceptionally wealthy, because they were troublesome and costly to set up and operate. But Passport Financial’s Offshore Trust Kit changed that. Now the strong lawsuit protection and the opportunities for reducing taxes provided by asset protection trusts are much simpler to achieve – and the cost can be less than the expenses you incur by investing in most mutual funds.

Passport Financial’s Offshore Trust Kit is comprehensive. It tells you the story of offshore trusts in detail, and it answers all your questions about safeguarding wealth offshore and keeping your trust lawful, proper and non-controversial. The Kit also contains…

  • All the ready-to-use documents you need to actually establish a lawful offshore trust for yourself and your family
  • A legal opinion from an international law firm that specializes in offshore trusts
  • A memorandum from a CPA explaining the reporting requirements for offshore trusts
  • A tax opinion from a U.S. lawyer who specializes in offshore trusts

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