About Terry Coxon
And Offshore Resource 1

Offshore Resource 1 is a project of Terry Coxon and draws on his 40 years of experience in international financial planning.

Financial Books He’s Written or Edited

  • Keep What You Earn
  • Passport Trust Guidebook
  • Unleash Your IRA
  • Using Warrants
  • International Trust Guidebook (with Robert B. Martin)
  • Inflation-Proofing Your Investments (with Harry Browne)
  • Complete Guide to Swiss Banks (for Harry Browne)
  • The Colder War (for Marin Katusa)
  • Going Global (for Casey Research)
  • Little Book of Bull’s Eye Investing (for John Mauldin)
  • The Methuselah Effect (for Patrick Cox)

Products He’s Developed

  • Open Opportunity IRA (for maximum investment freedom and tax savings)
  • Permanent Portfolio Fund (the first mutual fund designed to protect wealth in any economic environment)
  • Treasury Bill Portfolio (the first money market fund with tax advantages for shareholders)
  • United States Gold Trust (the first gold bullion ETF)
  • Passport Trust Kit (to make the safety of an international trust available to more families)

What He Does Now

  • Contributes to the publications of Mauldin Economics
  • Contributes to The Daily Bell
  • Manages Offshore Resource 1
  • Designs venture capital funds
  • Advises offshore financial institutions

And also…

What He’s Been Doing All Along

Terry Coxon assists individual investors, business people and professionals with international financial planning for asset protection and tax minimization.

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