International Asset Protection Starts Here

Start here, and you can protect yourself from hazards that injure thousands of families every day and worry millions of others.  You can be safe from:

  • Aggressive lawsuits
  • Lightening asset seizures
  • High taxes on investment earnings
  • Painful estate taxes
  • Possible future currency controls
  • The risk of another gold confiscation

You’ve found the information resource you need.  Use Offshore Resource 1 to internationalize your financial life and gain the safety you want.

Why Your Wallet Needs To Travel

Despite its problems, most Americans still see the U.S. as the best place in the world to live. They may enjoy visiting other countries, but then they want to come home because… simply because it’s home, with all the easy familiarity of home.  It’s comfortable.

If that’s how you feel, you’ll get no argument from me. I still have fun on the Fourth of July. Your money, however, might easily be more comfortable, and certainly would be safer, living somewhere else… more on lawful offshore safety and international protection.

Your Own Offshore Trust

Nothing will bring you and your family closer to complete financial safety than a lawful international trust (also known as an offshore trust or an offshore asset protection trust).

A properly designed, properly administered offshore trust gives you… protection from lawsuits… a damper on estate tax…  financial privacy… insurance against future capital controls… an eventual exit from the U.S. tax system… a permanent solution.

Read this twelve-minute primer on… lawful international asset protection and offshore trust formation.

Your Own Offshore Limited Liability Company

Most offshore trusts use an LLC to hold and manage investments. But for some investors, a standalone offshore limited liability company is the sweet spot in the spectrum of choices for international financial planning.  While it’s not as powerful as an offshore trust, depending on your circumstances, it may be the best combination of protection, simplicity and economy… more on the lawful protective power of a foreign LLC.

Passport Financial Planning Service

There are so many elements to coordinate -– protecting against lawsuits, putting assets beyond the reach of arbitrary seizure, tapping the full tax-saving power of an IRA, 401(k) or other tax-favored plan, eliminating exposure to estate tax, building a shock-proof investment portfolio.

Achieving the safety available only with international planning provokes even more questions about what to do first… more on building an optimal, single plan that reconciles all your goals.